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"In 1951, the first group exhibition exclusively devoted to abstraction, or nonobjective art, was held. Over half a century later, Renaissance Art Gallery continues to uphold the tradition of promoting the works of both emerging and established abstractionists. From its inception eleven years ago, Noli and Agnes Romero made a commitment that the aptly named gallery will be instrumental in the rebirth and regeneration of abstraction in the country.

To this day, they are driven by the conviction that abstraction is an essential visual language that enriches the human spirit, capable, as no other idiom can, to connect man to the depths of universal emotion."

-Cid Reyes, Driven to Abstraction 2018

"Startling then to know that “#syanoartist”- certainly a self-identification with a proudly provincial origin – in fact refers to Art Bermido. By sheer virtue then of his hometown roots and permanent and preferred domicile in distant Quezon province, Bermido has de facto become a lightning rod around whom  fellow Quezonian artists congregate, inspired by his example and leadership."

-Cid Reyes, Between Two Points 2019

"His works exude an enthusiasm seemingly bursting at the seams, of which the artist/sculptor himself is aware. With the wonders of technology at his fingertips, and design almost second nature to him, Gil Bien has sailed onto a dream voyage, trusting instinct and intelligence, to lead him to destinations yet to be revealed to him."

-Cid Reyes, Between Two Points 2019

"Destined it seems to play stellar roles in his life, in whatever venture he sets his

heart on, Gomez has already hurtled past the “initiation” rite of joining the local art scene and being accepted by a discriminating art community. Clearly, Richard Gomez has gone beyond the surface, and, responding to the impulses of abstraction, has now delved into the depths of serious art-making."

-Cid Reyes, Times Five 2019

"a superb portraitist, but who regards himself as a serious abstract art, with sculptural skills that implicitly informs his paintings, which have now acquired , in the midst of a number of artists working in a minimalist vein, certain distinctive

characteristics, moving towards a signature look, yet considering the artist’s protean sensibility and inquiring intelligence, may still take an unexpected detour. Allain Hablo pursues an art, which, to use the artist’s own words, “goes beyond the limitation of the human senses, beyond culture, and beyond time."


-Cid Reyes, A Celebration of Abstraction 2017

"the late National Artist Jose Joya reminded the reader of the universality of abstraction: "It was only during the late '50s or early '60s that I started doing these Abstract Expressionist paintings, and I use that label as mere convenience, a label attached to the New York School of Painting.... Abstraction is an international trend; it isn't a contemporary development as most people would think."

-Cid Reyes, Driven to Abstraction 2018

"From painting to sculpture to performance art, Sam Penaso is as slippery as an eel, beyond the instant grasp of a drop of mercury, itself aperfect metaphor for the artist whose career has been impressively mercurial. While this specific sensibilitymay lend itself to a dolorous seriousness, Penasoredeems himself with dollops of mirth and deadpan humor, rejoicing in the playfulness of his approach to artmaking."

-Cid Reyes, Times Five 2019

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