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Correlation | Arden Mopera & Resty Tica
Exhibition Catalog

corr Catalog

Along Common Ground

Words by Elle Lucena

corr writeup

In their two-man exhibition Correlation, visual artists Arden Mopera and Resty Tica chart the artistic direction they have both pursued throughout the course of their careers, giving emphasis to the points at which they intersect, and the areas where their own individual proficiency rises to the foreground. The exhibition is a celebration of these profound similarities in style and creative execution, as well as their aptitude towards abstraction—the genre both have come to refine through the years. But beyond simply a show of skill, Mopera’s and Tica’s works in the exhibit exemplify the myriad of ways they are able to recreate the world around them using a visual language that is uniquely their own. 
Mopera takes a slight deviation from his plants series, instead choosing various flowering species as his main focus. For the artist, gardening has become his “healing ground,” a means for him to relax and unwind. The works in the exhibition have that distinct style he is most known for—vibrant colors painted on deep textured canvas, the play of tones and light giving more character to each resulting piece. 
Tica’s works, on the other hand, draw direct inspiration from specific experiences and activities, capturing snapshots of reality and rendering them on the canvas. Influenced by trips to the beach and the seaside, his works replicate that impression of being within nature. Sunsets and horizons take form through distinct choices of colors paired together atop a semi-translucent background of off white and gray, highlighting their vibrant hues. Like Mopera’s works, there is also a specific emphasis on gardening and other activities that involve nature. 
One common denominator between both artists’ works is the use of impasto. In a way, this technique is what gives each of the pieces their dynamic quality, inviting the viewer to notice every carefully-painted stroke and how it manages to mimic nature as it is in the flesh. In the end, what brings together Mopera’s and Tica’s artistic processes in this exhibition—despite the glaring differences—is their tendency towards a unique sense of verisimilitude, a version of reality that is distinctly theirs, honed by years of practice and artistic discipline. 

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