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A SoundState | Marlon Magbanua
Exhibition Catalog


A SoundState

Marlon Magbanua

Renaissance Art Gallery presents A SoundState. Featuring the recent works of Marlon Magbanua. Opening on March 12, 2022 at Renaissance Art Gallery, SM Megamall. 


The representation of abstract forms and expressive colors can be a memory image of well-being, joy, and contentment. For Marlon, art is not just the enlivening of pictorial space, but an embodiment of what has always been invisible, the phenomenon of the spiritual.

Through his succession of shows – Marlon is among the most assiduously prolific artists of his generation – one discerns that his body of works is emerging to be all-of-a-piece. One show builds on the previous one, leading on to the other not merely as a continuing variation of a series; but rather as an elucidation of a thought process, a discernment of a heretofore unrevealed facet of his visual-cum-musical journey. Emotionally and intellectually, Marlon Magbanua is the artist who is at once creator and spectator of his own works. He is his own silent witness to the ineffable mysteries of light.

- Excerpt from“Marlon Magbanua’s Silent Light” by Cid Reyes


Cid Reyes is the author of choice of National Artists Arturo Luz, BenCab, J. Elizalde Navarro, and Napoleon V. Abueva. He has authored/co-authored over forty art books. He received a “Best in Art Criticism” Award from the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP). As an artist, Reyes has held 17 solo exhibitions.

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