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Fresh Start | Resty Tica
Exhibition Catalog

Resty Catalog
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Amidst New Horizons

by Elle Lucena

One is inundated with the idea of something beginning, of action in its most primal and yet-to-flourish state, as we observe the works in visual artist Resty Tica’s latest solo exhibition Fresh Start. Opening right at the turn of the new year, the exhibition is both a reflection of the year past, as well as an appeal towards everything that is about to come after, extending far beyond the personal and into our own collective experiences as we continue to struggle and persevere amidst these challenging times. More than simply depicting this newfound beginning as something optimistic, Tica doesn’t shy away from approaching the idea that what may arise as a result of these possibilities isn’t always certain. Its mystery is its charm, and despite the outcome, the focal point at which it all begins—as it traverses that invisible line inhabited

by hope—is enough to mark the start of something promising. From that window of opportunity, the artist tells a story of persistence and resolve.

There is a distinct character to Tica’s style of artmaking. First is its texture. Against an achromatic base of grayish white, the artist creates a surface that is almost translucent in definition, interspersed with darker shades to denote depth. It is bare but it doesn’t lack distinction; if anything, it lays the foundation for something else, that is, color. In Tica’s works, color is depicted as if it were arising from the background, an eclectic choice of bright and easily familiar tones that stand out and draw the eyes’ attention. They give the impression of something bursting forth, of that one infinitesimal point before everything explodes. What is caught in that short pause is an organic disarray of vibrant impressions.

The works in Fresh Start adroitly express that sensation of newness that begins after a period of darkness. The word emergence comes to mind, and within it the opportunity to become something else, akin to the beginning of a transformation. Tica depicts this restless genesis
as both a challenge and a fervent hope. There is a very subtle gentleness in the way he leaves his mark on the canvas. Without the use of any concrete figures, the artist is able to present the collective face of the human spirit as it steadfastly trudges towards a much-awaited dawn.

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